Joyous January


50% off Eye Trio                   $30 - pay only $15!                     

Benefits of Eye Trio:

Eyelash tinting:

  • Sensitive to make-up
  • Contact lens wear 
  • Great for swimming, running, gym etc (where no make-up is worn)
  • Find daily routine of make-up too time consuming
  • Don't like 'panda eyes' that can result with mascara

Eyebrow tinting & shape:

  • Fine eyebrows - tinting helps enhance them
  • Shape - waxing lasts longer than tweezing and removes all fine facial hair, thus giving your eyebrows a more defined shape
  • Remember your eyebrows are the frame to your face (imagine a window without a frame)

This special is available for the month of January only.  Present clientèle booked for this treatment qualify for the 50% discount.